For Artnbuff Sellers.

What can I sell here?

The product should fall into one of the following categories.

  1. Artwork: This includes Drawing, Painting, sketches, photography, printmaking, mosaic, sculpture, pottery, digital art, etc.
  2. HandCrafted: Traditional Artisan products. Handmade crafts that are made and/or designed by you – including but not limited to home decor,  utility items, weave, jewelry, accessories, personal care items, etc.
  3. Ethnic: Items that represent certain ethnicity, culture, region, religion, festival etc.  
  4. DIY Supply: products that can be used as a base for creating artwork or Craft
Why Sell at Art & Buff marketplace?

Art & Buff Marketplace is for those Artists, Crafters, and Socio-Ethnic enthusiasts who need a platform to retail their unique Artwork, crafts, and Ethnic goods in an easy and creative fashion.

  • Building an e-commerce website requires knowledge, technical skills, time, and/or money to build an eCommerce website. On top, it can cost anywhere between $30 to $3000 per month to run an eCommerce website.
  • Marketplaces like Etsy charges $.20 per product every four months, that adds up quickly to a sizable investment.
  • Marketplaces like eBay and Amazon charges 10% to 15% commission, without the ability to host a shop and promote your brand.
  • Artnbuff seller gets the benefit of an e-commerce website without the burden of building or maintaining one. Here is a list of some of the features for every Artnbuff seller.
    1. A webpage to promote your brand/business that includes the following features
      • Logo and Banner
      • Introduction/Information
      • Policy
      • Location and contact information
      • Social Media icons – for your store visitor’s to find and follow you on social media.
    2. A virtual storefront to showcase and sell your products or services.
    3. Built-in shopping cart feature for customers to select products and checkout
    4. Built-in Inventory management system 
    5. Ability to accept payment.
    6. Shipping Choices – Store Pick-up, Free Shipping, Fixed Rate Shipping, and more. 
    7. Buy and print discounted Shipping Label 
    8. Worry-free USA sales tax handling. On Seller’s behalf, Artnbuff collects Sales tax from the customers and remits it to the respective states of the USA.  
    9. Financial record of every transaction. 
    10. … and more. Sign-up for free today to discover all the features.
What is the cost of selling at Art & Buff?
  • Joining, Hosting, and Listing is absolutely free. However, you may choose to upgrade to a paid membership plan.
    • Joining as Seller: Free
    • Hosting a Shop: Free
    • Listing Products: Free
  • Three types of fees apply as per membership level:
  • In addition, the payment gateway may charge you an additional fee during withdrawal. For example – Paypal may charge you an additional fee of 2.9% + $.30 for USD payment (any maybe higher for payment in other currencies.)
  • In India, Marketplace is required to deduct TDS (Tax deducted at source) and TCS (Tax collected at source) and pay it to the goverment bodies.
  • Example:
    1. A customer places an order of $100 (including tax)
    2. Payment gateway provider fee = $3.20 (at the rate of 2.9% + $.30)
    3. Marketplace Transaction fee = $3 (at the rate of 3%)
    4. Sales tax = $7 (at the rate of 7%)
    5. Sellers earning = $100 – $3.20 – $3 – $7 = $86.8
      • Amount paid to the seller’s account via Stripe will be $86.8
      • Amount paid to the seller’s account via Paypal will be $86.8 minus the payment fee charged by Paypal.
  • To simplify the product pricing calculation, the Artnbuff Marketplace platform does the markup of the product price (as entered by the seller on Seller Portal) to cover the cost of Tax and fees.
How do I get paid?
  1. During store setup (or from dashboard >> setting>>Payment), you may choose your preferred method to receive payment. Available methods are PayPal, Stripe, or Bank Transfer.
  2. upon receiving an order a listing gets added in Dashboard >> Order; from here you can check which order is still unpaid.
  3. Unpaid payments for completed orders are disbursement automatically.
    • Auto-payment works with the Stripe payment method only.
    • Paypal or Bank Transfer requires manual claim/withdrawal as described in the next step.
    • Paypal charges 2.9% + $.30 on every payment.
  4. After the order is complete, You may manually claim withdrawal by clicking on the “Withdrawal” button from Payments section Dashboard >> Payments
  5. you can check the transactions of your account from the Dashboard >> Payments. The details of the transactions like invoice Id, order Id, amount, charges, payment amount, mode of a transaction can be viewed here.
  6. You may download a transaction invoice by clicking on the pdf icon at Dashboard >> Payments.
Can I offer store pickup for products in my store? 


How is Shipping handled?

You may use Artnbuff shipping infrastructure or use your own.

During store setup, you will be able to choose shipping method. Incase you decide to use your own shipping infrastructure, you will be able to configure shipping rates from seller portal.

How is the sales tax handled?
  • Artnbuff Market (USA) collects the sales tax from customers and remits it to the respective states.
  • Artnbuff Bazaar (India) collects the GST from customers and remit it to the respective Government Departments.
What are the membership levels?
  • Artnbuff Market (USA) :
Membership LevelMembership FeeTransaction feePayment Processing Fee
Hobby$010%2.9% + 30¢
Pro$10/Year5%2.9% + 30¢
Premium$100/Year3%2.9% + 30¢
  • Artnbuff Bazaar (India):
Membership LevelMembership FeeTransaction feePayment Processing Fee
Can I upload my products in bulk?

Absolutely. You add or edit your product listing by uploading .csv file.

I have registered. What’s next?
  • Congratulations! It is a great start to your e-commerce journey. Follow the steps below to start selling online! 
    1. Login to your account/Seller Portal
    2. Customize your shop with your store name, logo, picture, banner, etc. 
    3. Set up your payment method to receive sales proceed.
    4. Upload product(s) one-by-one or in bulk. 
  • Need help? Please refer to the User Guide.
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